Tampa Spring Company

Heavy duty truck and trailer suspension parts and repairs.



Tampa Spring Company has been serving retail and wholesale customers since 1927, offering in-house repairs and replacement components.


Our in-house services include:

Front End Services, Tractor Services, Trailer Services, Light Duty Vehicle Services, Light Duty Trailer Services, Bee-Line Alignment Services and Bee-Line Frame Straightening.

Tampa Spring also offers Mobile Serivces

We'll replace damaged spindle ends at your location; Tractors & Trailers, also 1 ton and up. Please review our Shop Services List below, and if you don't see the service you're looking for, give us a call and maybe we can help.


We have certified mechanics to repair your vehicle and comfortable waiting rooms while you wait.



Bee-Line Laser Alignments-cars, pickups, tractors, trailers Truck Tire Spin Balancing Rebush Kingpins Bore & Sleeve Steering Axles Rebush bad front spring hangers Replace Coil Springs Replace Leaf Springs Re-bush A-Arms & Other front end parts Align Lift Axles Inspect Steering Box Align Steering Wheel


Rebush all major suspensions,ie: Hedrickson, Mack, Neway, Chalmers, K-W, Peterbuilt, Freightliner, etc. Repair / Replace damaged Leaf Springs Replace bad air bags Install new lift axle kits Re-bush Lift Axles Air Brake Jobs and Inspection Press New Mack Trunnion Shaft Repair / Replace Damaged Frame Rails Change Wheelbase & Roll Axle Air Suspension Conversions Replace or re-bush bad Hangers & Equalizers Re-bush or make new T/Q Arms Make U-bolts as needed Install new Shock Absorbers Replace damaged Drive Axle Spindles






Re-bush all major suspensions: ie: Hutch, Reyco, Freuhauf, Air Ride, Neway, etc. Replace Bad Leaf Springs Replace Bad Air bags Install new Axles Install Hutch Suspension Kits Inspect/repair air brakes Install New Kingpins Replace Damaged Spindle Ends Replace hangers, Equalizers, & Other Parts



Repair or Replace Damaged leaf springs Install New Axle Kits Replace Bad Hangers, U-Bolts, Equalizers etc.




Remove & Replace Damaged leaf Springs Install Helper Kits both Spring & Air Ride Level Service trucks Build-up Leaf Springs for H-D Service Install Hangers, Shackles, Shocks, etc.




Replace Damaged Spindle Ends at your location, tactors and trailers, also 1-ton and up

Bore & Sleeve Steer Axle Ends Press New Mack Trunnion Shafts

Axle Repair- At Tampa Spring Company we offer complete axle repair services. From re-bushing axle housings to repairing damaged spindles, we restore axle assemblies to like new condition. Better than new! Tampa Spring's "Axle Surgeons©" completely renew axle spindles and hubs.

Frame Repair - At Tampa Spring we perform all types of frame repair, from frame straightening, to frame shortening or lengthening. Our skilled technicians use state of the art precision tools to assure that the frame is restored to it's original or improved condition. Since 1927 we've been serving truck operators throughout the Southeast

Air Brakes - Complete air brake service. We install, rebuild and repair drums, disc, s-cams, wedge brakes, air tanks, gauges and modulator valves, etc.



Frame Straightening - We straighten all truck and trailer frames from pick-ups on up. Our Bee-Line Equipment allows us to diagnose and remove any frame problems like sags, sideways, twists or diamonds in truck and trailer frames. When used in conjunction with our Bee-Line alignment equipment, this guarentees a vehicle will drive straight after being repaired.

Spring Repair - At Tampa Spring Company,we replace, repair, or create leaf springs for almost any vehicle. Whether building a leaf spring assembly from scratch, replacing or adding leafs to damaged springs, or installing helper springs, we have the technology to deliver exactly what our customer requires. Rack after rack of Spring Stock enables Tampa Spring to fabricate springs for any vehicle.

Wheel Alignment - Our Bee-Line Equipment allows us to accurately align wheels on pick-ups, tractors and trailers from 1/2 ton and up. Precision Equipment and skilled technicians assure Quality Alignment. From front ends to entire chassis, Tampa Spring restores original chassis settings for safer vehicle operation

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